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Pyrus glass luxury reed diffuser with white reeds by Aluxury
Aluxury Pyrus  Reed Diffuser Packaging
Pyrus Luxury Reed Diffuser by Aluxury


Pyrus Luxury Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

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Natural Ingredients

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Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Eco-Friendly FSC Packaging

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Pyrus Essential Oil Blend

Energising, refreshing, revitalising

Notes: Citrus, Lily, Soft Spice
Ambience: Uplifting zest, yet graceful and calming. aluxury Trustpilot excellent reviews

    Experience the energising and revitalising aroma of our luxury Pyrus reed diffuser, carefully designed to create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere, perfect for rejuvenation after a bustling day. This vibrant blend combines zesty top notes, enticing floral middle notes, and soothing, earthy base notes.

    Opt for the Pyrus reed diffuser as your ethical and eco-conscious choice, boasting twelve natural essential oils such as eucalyptus, lily, and soft spice. The diffuser is elegantly presented in a sleek glass bottle, while our eco-friendly, FSC-approved packaging ensures minimal plastic waste.

    Infuse your home with the uplifting fragrance of our Pyrus reed diffuser, allowing it to awaken your senses and energise your spirit.

    • Energising and revitalising aroma
    • Features a handpicked assortment of natural essential oils, including eucalyptus, lily, and soft spice
    • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free product
    • Utilises eco-friendly packaging materials without excess plastic
    • Delivers long-lasting fragrance: 4-6 months for the 100ml size and 6-9 months for the 200ml size
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      Pyrus glass luxury reed diffuser with white reeds by Aluxury
      Aluxury Pyrus  Reed Diffuser Packaging
      Pyrus Luxury Reed Diffuser by Aluxury

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