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Avalon Essential Oil Blend

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Natural Ingredients

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Avalon Essential Oil Blend

Comforting, grounding, warming

Notes: Spiced Orange, Cinnamon, Amber
Ambience: Harvest the sweet, rustic crackle of a winters day. aluxury Trustpilot excellent reviews
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    Be enveloped by the charm of our Avalon essential oil blend, expertly crafted with a harmonious blend of six exquisite oils, including spiced orangecinnamon, and amber

    Immerse yourself in a warm, grounding ambience designed to soothe the senses and uplift the spirit. 

    Elevate your home aromatherapy by using this essential oil blend with our Electronic Nebula Oil Diffuser or wax burner, or indulge in a relaxing bathtime with a touch of luxury. 

    Not only is this blend a luxurious treat for the senses, but it is also made with eco-conscious and ethical considerations, as it is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and packaged in FSC-approved materials. Experience the quintessence of warmth and comfort today.

    • Natural essential oil blend
    • Use with our Nebula diffuser - lasts up to 110 hours on the lowest setting.
    • Can be used with a Wax Burner or simply add a couple of drops at bathtime.
    • Available in a 10ml  (0.33 fl oz) bottle
    BUY THREE OILS and GET ONE FOR FREE! Use code FREEOIL at checkout.
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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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    Avalon Luxury Essential Oil Blend by Aluxury

    Our Promise To You

    • Captivate Your Senses

      Our luxury home fragrances are designed to captivate and indulge your senses like no other.

    • Natural Essential Oils

      We use ethically sourced natural essential oils, along with our vegan-friendly wax in our products.

    • Passion for Sustainability

      We're passionate about sustainability, which is why you'll find our packaging recyclable with no excess plastic!

    • Made in the U.K.

      We're a U.K. company and all our luxury fragrances are hand poured and stocked right here, ready to be with you in no time.